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Eye Candy: Monson Guitars Palehorse #3 – Black Limba body and neck

Came across this “Palehorse #3” handbuilt in the US by Monson Guitars,  a (small-ish?) builder that makes really unique body shaped guitars such as today’s guitar eye candy offering:

Monson Guitars Palehorse Black Limba body

This one features a Black Limba neck and body with wenge and sapelle strips, topped off with a Ziricote fretboard. Not the sort of guitar style I would personally be seen playing live with, but definitely worthy of hanging on the wall as a work of art!

Check out the exquisite neck through body finish on the back:

Monson Guitars Neck Through black limba body

You can order this Palehorse #3 from Monson Guitars. They also make all sorts of other unique shapes, mostly appealing to heavy metal / death metal genre players. Hard to tell from pictures alone, but the quality of their instruments looks to be very very good.


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