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Secret to Getting Vocals to Sit in the Mix with a Wide Sound

If you are new to recording to vocals, you might find that the bare “dry” track once recorded, doesn’t automatically seem to blend in with the rest of mix. Whereas drums, bass and guitars seem easier to get sitting well together, vocals tend to float on top and seem disconnected with the other tracks.

I’ve found the 3 tips on this article a great starting point to help a vocal track to both “sit” nicely in the mix AND get a wide “pro” sound. In a nutshell, you add stereo pitch shifting, some 1/8 note delays and finally some chorus effect. How much of each is up to your ears to decide.

The linked article provides specific steps for doing this in Logic Pro X, but the concepts could easily be used in other DAWs as well, such as Cubase, Pro Tools and so on.

Further to that I like to add some reverb for a little depth – again this helps to give the aural illusion of pulling the vocal “backwards” into the mix, so it doesn’t seem like it’s just sitting on top of everything else. How much reverb is a matter of taste of course and the type of feel you are going for with your track.


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