Embrace your inner rock star!


Hi and thanks for stopping by! I started this website to have a place to write about my passion for the guitar. On this site I talk about any and all things guitar (and music) related.


Like many “weekend warrior” guitar players, my story is very similar: fell in love with the guitar in my teenage years, did the whole band thing, had dreams of cutting albums and going on tour (yada yada yada), which of course never happened. Instead, wife and kids and a proper job happened, and guitar playing fell by the wayside for far too many years.

Now fast forward 25 years later and I find myself having some time (not much, but enough) to rekindle the flames and enjoy the guitar again.

I hope you find something useful or nice on this site that helps you to enjoy your music and your guitar as much as I do (or more!).

Take care and embrace your inner rock star!
– Dave