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Blast From The Past – Steeler Featuring Yngwie Malmsteen

I’m currently reading “Relentless”, the memoir of Yngwie J. Malmsteen, father of neoclassical metal shred guitar, and that has me digging back through some of his earliest recordings. Which leads to the 80s hair metal band Steeler – which Malmsteen joined when he moved to the US from Sweden as a 19 year old guitar wunderkind – and their 1983 debut album simply called “Steeler”.

Steeler hair metal band from the 80s

Surprisingly, I find the music actually rather good! Malmsteen’s playing (both rhythm and lead) is of course excellent, even though he was at stated above, only 19 at the time. Most of the jaw dropping guitar pyrotechnics he is well-known for today, were already on full display back then, as was his brilliant phrasing, vibrato and note choice.

But the rest of the band, especially singer Ron Keel, put in strong performances as well and the song writing, at least for the hair metal style of that era, is very very good.

My favorite track is probably the 6 minute long stairway-to-heaven inspired “Serenade” which closes out the 9 song album. Apart from Malmsteen’s absolutely soaring lead lines, Ron Keel really shows his range and powerful voice on that moody minor key epic rock ballad as well.

Check it on Spotify here.

And look out for a review at a later date of Malmsteen’s memoir (when I am done reading it that is!).