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Ritchie Blackmore is WRONG about Joe Satriani

In an early May 2018 interview, rock guitar legend Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple, Rainbow) made some comments about guitar wizard Joe Satriani that really are somewhat less than complimentary. I won’t repeat the whole thing here as the interview is linked below and you can listen to it yourself.

But basically after saying that Satch is a “brilliant guitar player”, he goes on to make the declaration that Satch plays it too safe (code words for “no feel”) and that “worries” Blackmore. He says he never hears Satch “searching for notes” and playing “wrong notes” – he always plays the right notes, going so far as to say “something is wrong” with Satch’s “playing from the head” versus from the heart approach.

Well in my humble opinion Blackmore, great player and composer no doubt, is WRONG about Satch.

Yes Satch is technically almost always perfect and polished, but that’s his style and the result of the fact that he has mastered the instrument in the ways that he wants to play. He could intentionally sound sloppy (to sound like a “feel” player as per Blackmore) if he wanted to, but that’s not his normal way of playing.

That said, take a listen to the outro solo on Revelation from Professor Satchafunkalis and the Musterion of Rock. You can definitely hear Satch on there searching for notes, almost veering out of control at places, gloriously so at times, producing a wonderful blend of safe melodicism and verging on chaos exuberance.

Or listen to Andalusia from the same album for more examples of Satch in “search of notes”.

Sorry Ritchie Blackmore, it is your opinion of course, but you are wrong – you probably haven’t heard enough of Joe’s catalog of music to make the statements you did.