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On Today’s Playlist: No Boundaries by Michael Angelo Batio

Lately, I’ve been on a shred quest! And who better to stoke the shred fires than the incomparable Michael Angelo Batio?!! Spinning up his 1995 debut solo album “No Boundaries” today and it still sounds as fresh and impressive as it did back in the day when it first came out.

I’d forgotten how diverse that album actually is. Although there’s no shortage of absolutely terrifyingly precise and fast shred licks, there’s ALSO tons of tasteful melody, bluesy riffs, and even acoustic lines!

Give it a listen:

Still one of MAB’s best works, after almost 25 years since its release

The Wizard of Shred

I came across The Wizard of Shred recently, which despite the slightly cheesy name, turns out to be a site with really really good info.

The owner is Claus Levin, who has a popular YouTube channel and several paid and free guitar courses available. I really like his way of breaking down challenges into bite sized manageable chunks and providing detailed steps to conquer those challenges, whether it’s alternate picking, sweeping, legato or anything else you want to achieve on the instrument.

Unfortunately it appears that he stopped updating this site as of Nov 2013, probably to focus his efforts more on his YT channel and other sites he runs. Nonetheless there’s still quite the treasure trove of insights to be found on The Wizard of Shred. Do check it out!